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  • Each employee can report themself safe during an incident.
  • Each employee can report that they need help while sharing their exact location.
  • Each employee can see the status of all of their co-workers in real-time.



With Share911 for Teams co-workers can know who is safe and who needs help.

Share911 for Education includes all of the features of Teams and Corporate/Government while adding the following:



Per employee, per month

Billed annually  (10 months)

Try free for the first 30 days

Districtwide emergency network lets your administrative and emergency management team know when an emergency is happening anywhere in your district.

Broadcast alerts and messages to one, multiple or all schools at the same time.

Switch between active and drill mode to conduct month drills in your school

Customized Emergency Alerting to meet your existing emergency plan.

Missing/Found Student Reporting

Student/Family Reunification

Per employee, per month

Billed annually (12 months)

Corporate & Government


Try free for the first 30 days

Includes Share911 for Teams and adds the ability for managers to issue emergency alerts and messages.

  • Active Shooter Alert
  • Lockdown Alert
  • Evacuation Alert
  • Shelter In Place Alert
  • All Clear Alert

Alerts are transmitted electronically via desktop pop-up,  text  and email message. 

Automatic voice notification to 911 when an alert is issued or an emergency is reported.

Real-time accountability for every employee onsite/offsite.  

Floor and Emergency Plan Integration.

After-Action Reporting


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